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Product number 112
Producer Aignep
Confirmed Rating
Rating Count 2503

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Description: 112 ( Aignep )

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Latest Comments

جمال المقبل
/ 2020-05-30

اشتريت نفس الشيء من قبل ، استخدمه لمدة 3 سنوات دون أي مشكلة. شكرا على المنتج انه الجيد .

封 婕
/ 2020-01-05

价格实惠,做工上乘。 宝贝很好用 很实用抗干扰能力很好 Aignep 112 FEMALE SOCKET

Alisson Sheppard
/ 2019-11-11

First rate quality with immensely quick delivery. Boxing material was as good as the product itself. Good stuff, great service, really great. Aignep Excellent quality, great packaging, speedy shipping. The product arrived quickly and as described.