AEP MP10PLUS Professional Indicator

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Product number MP10PLUS
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Description: MP10PLUS ( AEP )

Laboratory digital indicator is a programmable instrument for the treatment of signals from strain gauge full bridge transducers, that allows the measurement of forces, mass, pressure, torque moments and displacements.

It has been designed to be used in the most modern systems of static and dynamic measurement of high precision, such as metrology laboratories, materials testing machines, test benches or test etc. …
It is ideal to be used as first-line standard, if periodically certified by calibration laboratories or equivalent centers (ACCREDIA in Italy).

MP10 has an accuracy of 0.0010% or 0.0020%, 24-bit internal resolution and combines a resolution (with signal ± 2 mV/V) of ± 2.000.000 divisions in the K2 version (± 200.000 divisions in the standard version).

Main features are:
Graphic display of large size and high resolution with the ability to change the contrast by program
Resolution ±2.000.000 divisions (K2 Version) or ±200.000 divisions (Standard Version).
Acquisition frequency from 2.5Hz to 4800Hz
Type of transducers that can be managed: Force, Weight, Pressure, Torque and Displacement
Selection of numerous units of measurement for each of the type of transducer and with the measurement in mV/V and in Divisions
Internal Data logger by using an non-volatile memory that can store up to 130,000 measurement points at a maximum speed of 4800 points for second
External Data Logger that uses a usual USB Flash Memory for easy portability of data to a PC
Infrared remote control (optional) for remote functionality (eg manual recordings, ZERO function, HOLD function, etc.)
ZERO, HOLD and PEAK functions.
Clock-Calendar function with date and time
24 column Printer (option) connected to the serial port through which you can print out the measurement points with the indication of the company data that performed the measurement.
Auto-calibration function, programmable by the user, to minimize errors in temperature of the amplification chain and the A / D converter (reference for a guaranteed change of 1ppm / ° C).
Internal reference Channel for the verification and control of the consistency of the measurements
USB communication port through which you can transfer the measures in real time to a PC at the maximum possible speed (4800Hz)
RS232 Serial communication port

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صالح الحسين
/ 2020-01-19

لا توجد مشكلة في المنتج كما هو موضح. البائع موثوق به جاء المنتج مثل الصورة. لقد أحببته كثيرًا كما توقعت ، وليست هناك أي مشاكل. اتصلت على الهاتف ، وكان موقفهم ومحادثتهم مع العميل جيدة جدًا. أنا أحب المنتج ، ولديه نظرة قوية للغاية ، والشركة مثالية لوظيفة الشحن السريع.

هيفا الماجد
/ 2019-12-14

أنا أحب المنتج ، ولديه نظرة قوية للغاية ، والشركة مثالية لوظيفة الشحن السريع. التعبئة والتغليف والشحن جيد للغاية. مبروك ، أرسلوا لك بسرعة. شكرا جزيلا للبائع ، تم تسليم المنتج في يدي دون أي مشاكل. كما يمكن الحصول على جودة عملية ومناسبة بسعر جيد.

毕 瑜
/ 2019-11-04

品质如一,搭配合理 很满意的一次购物,物流很快,包装也很扎实。 功能多,实用,反应灵敏,好用 长期供货商,服务质量售后咨询一流