AEP F1 Load Cell

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Product number F1
Producer AEP
Artikelnummer F1
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Description: F1 ( AEP )

Load cell suitable to work in hostile environments.
High mechanical resistance
Completely made of stainless steel
Completely LASER welded
Degree of protection IP68
Long term stability

BENDING BEAM load cell for the measurement of static and dynamic loads.

Nominal Load from 2,5 kg to 200 kg
Class (OIML R60) C2 and C3
Combined Error: 0,020%
Output: 2mV/V

CF12K5C25 / 2.5 kg 

CF15KC25 / 5 kg 

CF110KC25 CF110KC35 10 kg

CF125KC25 CF125KC35 25 kg 

CF150KC25 CF150KC35 50 kg

CF1100KC25 CF1100KC35 100 kg

CF1200KC25 CF1200KC35 200 kg


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Aedan Banks
/ 2020-04-03

Nice product, no issues. Quality of the wrapping was high-standard, superior delivery.

Naima Moody
/ 2020-03-17

The product was as described and it was great quality, very practical. Great item quality and wrapping. AEP Quality of the wrapping was high-standard, superior delivery.

覃 明
/ 2019-11-14

电机实物跟描述相符,好用,物流速度非常快,两天就收到了,商家服务态度好,不懂的地方,客服都及时回复 一如既往的好 服务一流,产品质量不错 很好用 安装简单 比想象中简单得多 没请师傅自己安装的·客服态度好 电机价格也很实惠