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Product number FT18AR
Producer Aeco
Confirmed Rating
Rating Count 8486

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Description: FT18AR ( Aeco )

Power supply :Alternating current
Working voltage :20 ÷ 250 Vac
Switching distance (cm) :0 ÷ 500 (adjustable)
Output type :AC
Function :NO/NC
Actuation type :Instantaneus
Light source :Infrared
Power on delay :<= 75 mSec
Max switching frequency :15 Hz
Max output current :300 mA
Max peak current for 20msec :3:00 AM
Absorption :<= 10 mA
Voltage drop :1.5 V
Short circuit protection :Present
Interference from external light :> 10000 Lux
Led indicator :Yellow = operation indicator
Temperature limits :-20 ÷ +50 °C
IP rating :Depending on connector
Housing material :Grey Makrolon
Mechanical characteristics :M18x1
Connection type :H plug
Weight :50 g

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/ 2020-03-14

公司一直用着这款产品,质量信得过。 宝贝是期望中的,非常满意,物流给力下次还会来的。 很满意,包装细致 物流速度很快,质量很好方便安装与描述的相符,客服的态度非常好 产品功能:性能很好,质量也很好 商品品质:非常好, 外观材质:特别的好

Gilda Caruso
/ 2020-01-11

Grazie infinito . Mi avete salvato da grandi guai. Era molto urgente, ne ordinerò uno in più. secondo volta che faccio ordine è tutto senza problema , non comprate dal mercato che costano tre volte in più. Sono molto soddisfatto di un prodotto di qualità. Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno contribuito e vi auguro di un buon lavoro. È eccezionale e migliore di altre controparti costose sul mercato.

مشيرة الصامل
/ 2019-11-12

المواد جيدة جدا ، أنا راض. المنتج يتوافق مع توقعاتي افضل من النموذج الآخر البائع موثوق به جاء المنتج مثل الصورة. يحتوي الشرح أيضًا على عناصر مكتوبة. انه جيد ، وكذلك ثمنه أرخص المنتج رائع. من المُرضي أن يتصل البائع بعد تسليم المنتج من أجل إرضاء العملاء.