Aeco CT80 Reflector

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Product number CT80
Producer Aeco
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Description: CT80 ( Aeco )

Aeco CT80 Reflector

Product Name: Aeco CT80 Reflector
Product Brand: Aeco
Product Code: CT80
Product Artikel: Aeco CT80 Reflector

Reflective surface shape :Circular
Reflective area :5090 mm2
Observation at 0.2° :19107 mcd/lx
Reflectivity :3.8
Temperature limits :-20 ÷ + 60 °C
Color :White
Material :Reflective side PMMA - Back side ABS
Fixing characteristics :2 M4 screws
Weigth :29.7 g
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良心商家,对我们买家真的很到位 产品质量好,发货很及时,没有耽误工期,客服很耐心的帮我解决问题

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