Adalet XJTD4 N4 Explosionproof Screw Cover Enclosures_Glass Cover

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Product number XJTD4 N4
Producer Adalet
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Description: XJTD4 N4 ( Adalet )

• Copper-free aluminum casting.

• This series of housings with glass windows are suitable for mounting relays and control equipment as well as meters and instruments.

• The wall section of the housings are of sufficient thickness to provide the required (5) full threads for conduit entrances as listed.

• The housings are stocked blank and can be drilled and tapped to your specifications. (A layout sketch should accompany the order.)

• Mounting posts, rings, studs and other accessories can be furnished.

• Optional mounting pans available.


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Miriana Montanari
/ 2020-03-28

Un prodotto molto di successo del venditore cosa ottieni di più come descritto. Mi é piaciuto molto , potete ottenerlo senza esitazione.

Elsa Meister
/ 2020-03-10

Habe die Bestellung nach den guten Kommentaren getätigt und wurde nicht enttäuscht. Der Artikel ist wie bestellt in einem sehr gutem Zustand eingetroffen. Ist auf anderen Onlineseiten teurer,habe es nun hier Preisgünstig gekauft. Empfehle ich gerne weiter. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Seiten ist dies hier wirklich Top Unglaubliche Preise die nicht zu Topen sind.

Nickolas Mays
/ 2019-12-29

Good value, strong material with good quality. Everything was as I expected. The item was excellent, thank you. Adalet XJTD4 N4 Explosionproof Screw Cover Enclosures_Glass Cover Outstanding item and swift sending.