Adalet XJLD10 N4 Explosionproof Screw Cover Enclosures_Glass Cover

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Product number XJLD10 N4
Producer Adalet
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Rating Count 8937

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Description: XJLD10 N4 ( Adalet )

• Copper-free aluminum casting.

• This series of housings with glass windows are suitable for mounting relays and control equipment as well as meters and instruments.

• The wall section of the housings are of sufficient thickness to provide the required (5) full threads for conduit entrances as listed.

• The housings are stocked blank and can be drilled and tapped to your specifications. (A layout sketch should accompany the order.)

• Mounting posts, rings, studs and other accessories can be furnished.

• Optional mounting pans available.


Latest Comments

إكرام الحنتوشي
/ 2020-05-20

المنتج ناجح أكثر من ما هو موضح. Adalet يمكنك الحصول عليه من بائع موثوق بدون تردد. اتصلت على الهاتف ، وكان موقفهم ومحادثتهم مع العميل جيدة جدًا. المنتج كما هو موضح ، السعر أقل من السوق. طلبته يوم الأحد ، واستلمته يوم الثلاثاء

Darion Vaughn
/ 2019-12-22

High quality product with careful packaging, thank you. Good value, strong material with good quality. Fast shipping and high quality customer service, wonderful.

马 勇
/ 2019-11-22

包装很好,产品现在还没投入使用不知道是否耐用,声音比想象中大些,不过可以接受。 公司一直用着这款产品,质量信得过。 服务很好,有问题问技术工程师都给我解决了。以前也买过他家产品,发货快,品质有保障。 第三次购买了,物流快,包装好。