Adalet XHVX-162408 Flameproof High Voltage Enclosures

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Product number XHVX-162408
Producer Adalet
Confirmed Rating
Rating Count 1567

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Description: XHVX-162408 ( Adalet )

Standard Features
• 16 (1x1) and 10 (2x2) sizes available
• Corrosion resistant, copper free aluminum
• Hinged cover
• Type 4 watertight Nitrile gasket
• Custom steel mounting panel
• Set of three procelain standoffs and hardware (1x1 connection only)
• Set of three porcelain bus supports insulators and hardware (2x2 connection only)
• High voltage cover sign
• High strength steel cover bolts (zinc plated and coated)
• Internal and external ground lugs
• Removable lifting eye bolts (18 x 24 and larger)
• Lid-lifter cover alignment device (18x24 and larger)
• Cast-on mounting lugs / feet
• Tumblast, natural aluminum finish
Design Options
• Stainless steel cover bolts for Type 4X additional corrosion protection
• Conduit (NPT & metric) and device (NPSM) drilling & tapping
• Auxiliary devices such as breather / drains
• Custom machining - milling, counter-boring, spot-facing, drilled entries, chamfers
• Custom cast-on logos
• Power and epoxy coating for additional corrosion resistance
• Special mounting provisions
• Enclosure - copper free aluminum
• Cover bolts - steel, zinc plated and coated
• Hinge kits - copper free aluminum with stainless steel 316L hardware
• Mounting panel - galvanized steel

Latest Comments

郎 东
/ 2020-05-19

商家服务可以,有机会还要合作 Adalet 用过才来评价,机器真心不错,很好用,卖家发货速度也很快,而且价格公道,有需要还会来光顾

أحمد السويلم
/ 2019-12-24

المنتج ناجح أكثر من ما هو موضح. اشتريت نفس الشيء من قبل ، استخدمه لمدة 3 سنوات دون أي مشكلة. يمكنك الحصول عليه من بائع موثوق بدون تردد. أقيم دائمًا المنتج وفقًا لسعره. كما ذكر تماما ، أنا راضٍ للغاية .

Rodolfo Fiore
/ 2019-11-18

Il materiale è esattamente lo stesso. Congratulazioni, mi hanno inviato offerta velocemente. Adalet XHVX-162408 Flameproof High Voltage Enclosures Posso dire che il terzo acquisto dello stesso prodotto è assolutamente il miglior prezzo. Il prodotto ha un prezzo migliore rispetto ai soliti prodotti molto costosi sul mercato.