Adalet XCE-183008 Explosion Proof Control Enclosures

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Product number XCE-183008
Producer Adalet
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Description: XCE-183008 ( Adalet )

Standard Features

•  72 standard sizes available
•  Corrosion resistant, copper free aluminum
•  Pre-drilled hinge holes (hinge optional)
•  Pre-drilled mounting panel bosses (mounting panel optional)
•  NEMA 4 watertight Nitrile gasket
•  Premium, high strength steel cover bolts (zinc plated and coated)
•  Internal / external grounding screws
•  Removable lifting eye bolts (18x24 and larger)
•  Lid-lifter cover alignment device (1824 and larger)
•  Cast-on mounting lugs / feet
•  Tumblast, natural aluminum finish

Design Options

•  NEMA 4X stainless steel cover bolts for additional corrosion protection
•  Mounting panels - Available in galvanized steel (XSM), aluminum (XSA), or phenolic (XSB)
•  Aluminum hinge kits with stainless steel hardware
•  Conduit (NPT & metric) and device (NPSM) drilling & tapping
•  Operators and auxiliary devices such as breather / drains and flame arrestors
•  Quad lead, quick thread cover bolts (designate XCEQ when ordering, not available on XCEX)
•  Window kits - Round (up to 8” viewing diameter or squre / rectangular (up to 13” x 13”)
•  Custom machining - Milling, counter-boring, spot-facing, blind drilled entries, chamfers


•  Enclosure - Copper free aluminum (3/10 of 1%)
•  Cover bolts - Steel, zinc plated and coated
•  Hinge kits - Copper free aluminum with stainless steel 316L hardware
•  Mounting panel - Galvanized steel

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