Adalet Indicator Lights CN SERIES - CONTROLS

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Product number Indicator Lights
Producer Adalet
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Description: Indicator Lights ( Adalet )

Adalet's increased safety (Exe) operating devices are ATEX / IECEx certified as stand-alone devices or when installed in an ATEX / IECEx certified increased safety enclosure.  These devices are designed to fit into a standard 30.5mm opening and constructed from die-cast aluminum for rugged, industrial applications.  Various contact blocks arrangements are available for pushbuttons and selector switches and various color LED blubs are available for pilot lights.

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Excellent communication, super friendly seller. I am quite satisfied with what I got. Logistic was very fast and the customer communication was great. Highly recommended, first class product.

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/ 2020-03-10

Quick dispatch with first rate service. Adalet Indicator Lights CN SERIES - CONTROLS It was meritorious, thanks again. It was unrivaled, sublime.

聂 利
/ 2020-02-09

功能稳定挺好 公司的产品质量都是比较好。值得信赖 准确度高。好公司 好服务。