Adalet FC-133 Explosionproof Flexible Couplings

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Product number FC-133
Producer Adalet
Confirmed Rating
Rating Count 2992

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Description: FC-133 ( Adalet )

Standard Features
• 63 standard sizes
• Conduit sizes from 1/2Inch NPT through 1-1/4Inch NPT
• Lengths from 4Inch to 36Inch, NEC limits lengths to 36Inch
• Two femaile-threaded end fittings with male nipples
• UL Listed for use in hazardous locations
• Corrosion resistant and watertight
• Perfect for tight spaces which require difficult bends
• Custom lengths available

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Malaki Holden
/ 2020-05-08

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فاطمة القحطاني
/ 2020-01-31

المنتج ليس لديه مشكلة كما هو موضح. افضل سعر وشحن سريع Adalet FC-133 Explosionproof Flexible Couplings شكرا جزيلا للبائع ، تم تسليم المنتج في يدي دون أي مشاكل.

Carlie Rojas
/ 2020-01-04

They provide first rate quality service, awesom. Geat packaging quality, thank you. Good quality and best material. Definitely worth the price, very fast shipping service.