Adalet CSC4X6-130504 (1x4) CSC Series Pushbutton Station Enclosures

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Product number CSC4X6-130504 (1x4)
Producer Adalet
Confirmed Rating
Rating Count 7507

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Description: CSC4X6-130504 (1x4) ( Adalet )

Standard Features
• 10 standard sizes with 4Inch or 6Inch depth
• Hole configurations from 1 to 16 holes
• Vertical in-line configurations from 1 to 4 holes
• Watertight gasket provides ingress protection against water and dust
• Welded on external mounting brackets
• Captive hex head / slotted cover bolts
• Drilled cover entries for 30.5mm operators
• External ground stud
• Box and cover ground stud
Design Options
• Mounting panels or universal rail mount system
• Drilled entries and cut-outs
• Stopping plugs
• Gland plates on n6Inch deep enclosures
• Adalet increased safety operators
• Terminal block assemblies
• Breather or drain
• Internal Earth bar
• Type 316L stainless steel
• Enclosure and cover - constructed from 14 gauge (.057) stainless steel with #3/4 brush finish
• Gland plates - constructed from 10 gauge (.1345) stainless steel with #3/4 brush finish
• Silicone gasket - constructed from 1/4Inch Bisco silicone with acrylic PSA
• Gland plate gasket - constructed from 1/8Inch Bisco silicone with acrylic PSA

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