Adalet CN4X6-603610 CN Series Control Enclosures

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Product number CN4X6-603610
Producer Adalet
Confirmed Rating
Rating Count 4036

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Description: CN4X6-603610 ( Adalet )

Standard Features

•  75 standard sizes available
•  Stainless steel cover clamps and screws
•  Continuous piano hinge with removable stainless steel pin
•  Watertight silicone gasket
•  Padlock hasp and staple
•  Internal rail mounting system
•  Ground stud on box and cover
•  External earth stud
•  Wall mounting feet

Design Options

•  Gland plates (6” deep or greater) can be supplied pre-drilled or blank for field drilling
•  Mounting panels
•  Drilled entries and cut-outs
•  Adalet EH series Exe operators
•  Legend plates and lamacoid or stainless steel name plates
•  Breather / drain
•  Stopping plugs
•  Terminal block assemblies
•  Stainless steel mounting panels
•  Cable glands and conduit fittings
•  Internal earth bar
•  Custom sizes


•  Type 304 or 316L Stainless Steel
•  Enclosure and cover constructed from 14 gauage (.060) stainless steel with #3/4 brush finish
•  Gland plates constructed from 10 gauge (.1046) stainless steel with a #34 brush finish
•  Silicone gasket constructed from 1/4” Bisco silicone with acrylic PSA    
•  Gland plate gasket constructed from 1/8” Bisco silicone with acrylic PSA

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