AC-Motoren Fca 71B-4 Motor

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Product number Fca 71B-4
Producer AC-Motoren
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Description: Fca 71B-4 ( AC-Motoren )

Rated motor power 0.37 / 0.44 KW 50/60 Hz frame size 71

Rated motor speed 1330 min-1/50 Hz Type of construction IM B14a / IM 3601

1596 min-1/60 Hz Weight 5.7 kg

Frame material aluminum

Rated motor voltage 230 V ∆ / 50 Hz Protection IP 56

(+ - 5%) 400 V Y / 50 Hz Insulation F utilized to B

275 V ∆ / 60 Hz Tropical insulation yes

480 V Y / 60 Hz Vibration level A

Rated motor torque 2.7 Nm (Mn)

Rated motor current 50Hz1.9 / 1.1 A (In) Duty type S1

Rated motor current 60Hz 1.88 / 1.09 A (In) Direction of rotation bi-directional

Starting motor current 5.7 x In Method of cooling IC 411

Starting motor torque 2.1 x Mn Cable entries 1xM20x1.5

Breakdown motor gate. 2.2 x Mn norm / standards IEC / DIN / ISO / VDE / EN

Execute at IEC 60034 -1

Efficiency 67.0% by 100% Load Paintwork RAL 7030 gray

IE class IE1 Warranty 12 month

Power factor at 0.75 by 100% load

Noise level 44.0 dB (A) Ambient temperature - 20 to + 40 ° C

Moment of inertia 0.00075 Kgm² Altitude above sea level 1000 m over sea

Bearing A - Site 6202.ZZ.C3

Bearing B - Site 6202.ZZ.C3

Feet removeable

Bearing lifetime 20000 h by max Fr + Fx Heater 230V 50Hz

Max. Radialload (Fr) 613 N middle of shaft.

Max. Axialload (Fx) 370 N pull force.

370 N pressure force.

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Gilda Milani
/ 2020-02-15

Grazie è arrivato in confezione perfettamente come se fatto dalla fabbrica. Non ci sono problemi con il prodotto come descritto. Grazie come descritto il prodotto, il venditore ha eseguito tutte le transazioni in modo affidabile e puntuale. Ho anche controllato il prodotto, mi é piaciuto. Consiglio il venditore a tutti. AC-Motoren Il prodotto è uscito meglio di quanto mi aspettassi.

Paloma Holden
/ 2020-01-12

I can recommend this seller. Nice product, no issues. Assured quality, thank you, i will buy again. Packaging was good. Pleasing service quality, I will by again.

Isla Finley
/ 2019-12-28

Next day shipping, item as described. Pleasing service quality, I will by again. High standard item, recommended. They provide first rate quality service, awesom.