AC-Motoren ACA132M-4/PHE Premium three-phase asynchronous motor

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Product number ACA132M-4/PHE
Producer AC-Motoren
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Rating Count 6323

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Description: ACA132M-4/PHE ( AC-Motoren )

Power: 7.5 kW Voltage: 400/690 volts D / Y Speed: 1500 rpm Effect class. : IE3 load range: 4/4 3/4 2/4 efficiency: 90.4 90.4 89.4% degree of protection: IP 55 design: IM B3 shaft: d = 38 mm

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Kassandra Mcpherson
/ 2020-01-29

Good quality and best material. They shipped in a short time with great care. Great logistic service, I will but again next time as well. Ever so marvelous packaging. I am buying from them again!

Priscilla Callahan
/ 2020-01-01

Quick dispatch with first rate service. Trustworthy and very fast merchant.

Chloe Braun
/ 2019-11-30

Very good and speedy customer care. AC-Motoren ACA132M-4/PHE Stable and functional. Great delivery service, it arrived faster than I thought. No stratches, great packaging quality.